The 16 best japanese romance movies

20 Japanese romantic movies

The Japanese are recognized for more than just samurai films & anime. Whenever it occurs to lớn romantic films, Japanese romance movies are assured of having something distinct lớn offer.

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The Japanese industry’s attention to detail và artistry may be most known for samurai & horror films, but the same attention lớn detail can also be found in Japanese romance movie.

These films aren’t overly romantic. There’s a comedy, drama, & some vital life lessons in these films. These films, which are only two hours long, are entertaining & even unforgettable. Please take a look at some of my favorite và best Japanese teen romance films. I’ve included a fan-made đoạn clip with each best Japanese romance movies to give you a sense of how I choose what to lớn see.

20- 100th Love with You

Directed By: Sho Tsukikawa

Release Date: February 4, 2017

Duration: 116 min.

Rating: 6.5/10 · IMDb

Plot: Aoi Hinata (Miwa), a university student, experiences an accident on July 27th. When Hinata wakes up, the girl is in a classroom for a week ere the disaster. Riku Hasegawa (Kentaro Sakaguchi), her childhood buddy, informs her about it at the time “I’ll let you in on a little secret. I have the ability to lớn go back in time.”

Hinata and Riku are in love, but they have never voiced it in romantic Japanese movie. They talk about their emotions for one other & go behind a year. They spend their time as girlfriend & boyfriend pleasantly, but there is a vital secret hidden behind the time-lapse. In addition, July 27th is approaching.

Why: I haven’t sobbed in a long spun moment because of a japan movie romance. It was terrible lớn watch two people who love one other unable lớn be together due khổng lồ their fate. Still, it also showed us the importance of embracing the harsh reality of being separated from our loved ones & knowing nothing we can do about it. The director, narrative, và performances were all excellent. Their expressions were never stricken by emotion. It made me cry and laugh at the same time. & this is a Japan movies romance that I will remember for a long time. You only have one life và a limited number of days, so live each day as if it were the last.

19- Your Lie in April

Directed By: Takehiko Shinjo

Release Date: September 10, 2016

Duration: 122 min.

Rating: 8.6/10 IMDb

Plot: While being closely supervised by his mother, Kosei Arima (Kento Yamazaki) won multiple piano competitions. During that time, he was dubbed the “human metronome.” Kosei Arima hasn’t heard the tone of his keyboard since the death of his mother. Then in this Japanese movie romance Through his childhood mate Tsubaki, Kosei meets Kaori. Kaori is a free-spirited musician. Arima may soon face the piano for the initial era since meeting her. Kaori, on the opposite side, is concealing something.


Why: I adored both the female và male characters in this drama, especially their incredibly subtle connection. I’m not a musician, but the pieces they performed together enthralled me & made this Japan love movies a pleasure khổng lồ watch.

Despite its dramatic conclusion, this story seemed utterly new. The acting was excellent, & it astounded me how Kosei’s anxieties could be applied lớn our own lives & how Kaori served as a reminder of the type of person we should aspire to lớn be—completely free.

18- I Give My First Love to You

Directed By: Takehiko Shinjo

Release Date: October 24, 2009

Duration: 122 min.

Rating: 7/10 IMDb

Plot: The best Japanese lãng mạn movies story starts when they are young children. Mayu, whose papa is a physician, attends Takuma, treated in the hospital where her father works. Mayu learns about Takuma’s severe sickness & that he will expire ere he is 20, & they realize affection for each other. The bewildered children make one commitment to lớn an uncertain future.

As time passes, the girl matures into a young woman, & the boy grows into a young man. Mayu still loves và supports Takuma. Takuma, on the other hand, who knows his time is limited, sets his love for Mayu aside and separates himself from her. Later on in this Japanese movies romantic He can’t bear seeing her weep or hurting her any more than he has already.


Why: This is well of the infinite outstanding japanese romances I’ve eternally viewed. The plot is similar to “Koizora,” yet this film has its unique unique that will keep you watching until the finish. This film is enthralling and moving. It was well worth my time. Everything about it was fantastic, even the performances. Immense praise to lớn the actors và producers! They created an amazing japan movie romantic that will live on in the audience’s hearts for a long time.

17- Missions of Love

Directed By: Toru Yamamoto

Release Date: March 25 – April 15, 2018 (MBS) / March 27 – April 20, 2018 (TBS)

Duration: 1h 36m

Rating: 5.9/10 · IMDb

Plot: Yukina is a student who has never had any lãng mạn experience. She also uses a pen name lớn publish cell phone novels. Readers have told Yukina Himuro that her writings are lacking in Japanese love movies. PShe chances khổng lồ be reading Shigure Kitami’s notebook one day (Yuta Koseki). He is well-liked by the females at her school & carries himself in a gentlemanly manner. In his notepad, Yukina Himuro discovers his secret. She resolves khổng lồ make the most of her find by gathering material for her novel.


Why: A completely different romance scenario in which the female protagonist makes the male protagonist dance lớn her tune solely khổng lồ gain some love experience. What begins as an experiment gradually transforms into genuine affection. But don’t be fooled by the seductive trailer into believing it’ll be a steamy Japanese romance movies. It’s not the case. The main characters don’t even kiss till the very end.

Keep an eye on ‘Missions of Love’ for:

– both animated and non-animated acting

– some enlightening lessons on people’s qualities

– a tense Japanese romantic movies love story

16- You Shine In The Moonlight

Directed By: Sho Tsukikawa

Release Date: March 15, 2019

Duration: 1h 42m

Rating: 5.7/10 · IMDb

Plot: Takuya Okada (Takumi Kitamura) is a student in high school. In the hospital, he pays a visit to lớn his classmate Mamizu. Mamizu Watarase is afflicted with the unexplained “Luminescence sickness.” People with the condition exhibit a slight glimmer in the moonlight in this romantic japanese movies, which gets stronger as their death approaches. Mamizu is not allowed lớn flee the hospital, và she will not live to adulthood. Takuya Okada offers to lớn assist her in carrying out her final desires before she dies.


Why: This touching love story about two unexpected people will make you understand in love again. Only watch this romantic Japanese movie if you enjoy terrible love stories.

Mei Nagano does an excellent job portraying Mamizu, who is unwell but vivacious và wants to lớn make Japanese romantic the most of her time.

Takumi Kitamura is excellent in the role of Takuya Okada, who is calm & compassionate. They look lovely together in a film solely focused on developing two teenagers’ naive love. This is a beautifully japanese romantic, passionate, & heartbreaking film! Yes, it is unrealistic, but the ending is tragic! People, I’m going lớn go & keep an eye on you! You’ll be sobbing uncontrollably!

15- Evergreen Love

Directed By: Koichiro Miki

Release Date: June 4, 2016

Duration: 112 min.

Rating: 6.1/10 · IMDb

Plot: Sayaka is an office worker. She’s not very expert at her profession, & she’s not very immeasurable with love. She discovers a man named Itsuki collapsed in the head of her house one night. They drive lớn live mutually after she takes him inside. Itsuki teaches Sayaka how to lớn cook with wild herbs & harvest them, but there’s a catch.


Why: This romance Japanese movies is distinguished by its affection for significant individuals as well as its love for plants. It’s a story about shifting an ampler tale of yourself, told with genuine passion & dedication; it’s a beautiful love story. Not khổng lồ mention, for those who are interested in organic food, handmade food, or cuisine, this film provides a great visual representation of these topics. Any frown would be turned upside down by every scene.

This Japanese love movie is worth seeing because of its appealing main characters & sweet connection to nature. The plot is ridiculous. It boggles my understanding that a young girl would live with a stranger simply because he cooks well.

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14- Love Exposure

Directed By: Sion Sono

Release Date: January 31, 2009

Duration: 237 min

Rating: 8.1/10 IMDb

Plot: Yu Tsunoda & Yoko Ono meet in the most unlikely of situations. Yu agrees to go into the đô thị dressed as a woman and kiss the first woman he encounters after losing a bet with his friends. When Yu & his buddies enter the town, they stumble khổng lồ find a young teenage girl named Yoko encircled by gangsters. Yu then assists Yoko in beating up the band of thugs while still costumed as a woman. After that of this Japanese romance, Yu kisses Yoko & flees. Yu falls in love for the initial course with a lady, but Yoko befalls in love with Miss Scorpion, a woman in drag.


Why: To me, it’s the best Japanese love story movie I’ve eternally viewed, và trust me, I’ve seen a lot of films given my young age. Everything about this huge Japanese film was flawless: acting, plot, music, directing, flow, và everything else that comes lớn mind right now. I’m surprised this didn’t win or even receive a nomination for a Japanese romance Academy Award. Still, this is my most immeasurable beloved film, and I’m finding it challenging lớn think that another film will ever be as epic, funny, sad, weird, twisted, and beautiful as this one.

13- Heroine Disqualified

Directed By: Tsutomu Hanabusa

Release Date: September 19, 2015

Duration: 112 min.

Rating: 6.3/10 IMDb

Plot: Hatori is an outgoing freshman high school student who has had a long-standing infatuation with her aloof childhood buddy Rita. She is pleased lớn remain Rita’s friend at first, believing that no one else is more suited to Rita’s ‘heroine’ role than herself. Still, her beliefs are shattered when Rita begins a serious relationship with the bespectacled awkward Miho. Later on in this japanese love story movie Hatori makes repeated attempts to lớn sabotage the two’s growing romance and eventually declares her love to lớn Rita, but she is rebuffed.


Why: This top Japanese romance movies made me cry. This movie made me cry the first time I saw it. Not because it was sad, but because I wouldn’t say I lượt thích the ending. BETTER!!!! Was due lớn the second guy. I’m not going to lớn let this go. He should have gotten her. Aside from that, I enjoyed the best japanese romance movies. The second male lead syndrome has just hit me lượt thích a ton of bricks. I was furious as if it had truly hurt. Moreover, I felt lượt thích tossing a table out the window. However, I wanted khổng lồ set fire to my house. I want everything to go up in flames!!!!!!

12- I Just Wanna Hug You

Directed By: Akihiko Shiota

Release Date: February 1, 2014

Duration: 122 min.

Rating: 6.4/10 · IMDb

Plot: Hokkaido’s Abashiri is the setting for this film. Tsukasa was a school student while she was affected by a critical oto mishap. She is still dealing with the consequences of the tragedy, including memory loss and the need for a wheelchair. Despite this, she makes an effort to live life khổng lồ the fullest. Tsukasa later falls in love with Masaki (Ryo Nishikido), a cab driver who enjoys basketball. Despite their numerous challenges, they attempt khổng lồ create a happy family, but they are confronted with another difficult situation.


Why: I watched several Japanese romance movies list before watching this one because the English title “I Just Wanna Hug You” didn’t appeal to me. I decided to give this one a shot after running out of movies lớn watch. The movie left an enduring footprint on me! The fact that the film is based on a simple story makes it much more impressive. Many films in this category come out as hokey, but this one felt genuine. Keiko Kitagawa & Ryo Nishikido did an excellent job of humanizing their characters without overacting. I believe “I Just Wanna Hug You” could be compared to “Josee, Tiger, & the Fish,” except that the male characters in each Japanese movies romance went different paths towards the conclusion.

11- Daytime Shooting Star

Directed By: Takehiko Shinjo

Release Date: March 24, 2017

Duration: 119 min.

Rating: 6.8/10 · IMDb

Plot: Suzume Yosano is in her first cycle of the high academy. Suzume lived in the farmland, but now she resides in Tokyo among her relative due to lớn her parents’ relocation for work (Ryuta Sato). Suzume has nevermore ought a sweetheart, but she has emotions for Satsuki Shishio, her homeroom professor (Shohei Miura). Meanwhile, Suzume’s classmate Daiki forms emotions for her.


Why: What a fantastic Japanese romance movie! Finding love, confessing, being rejected, being proposed to, & all the other ups and downs that come with finding real love. You will always have a massive laugh on your face while seeing this movie.

A girl from the countryside arrived in Tokyo. That girl’s purity and honesty will make you occur in love among her. The girl is smitten with her sensei (teacher), và she smites her classmates. Till the quiet edge of the japan romance, the plot remains a mystery. It genuinely fills you with joy, youth, innocence, & many other emotions. Yes! During the day, the stars are, of course, always appear in the sky. I’d want to reveal my appreciation to lớn the entire cast; everyone has performed admirably in their respective roles.

10- My Rainy Days (2009)

Directed By: Yuri Kantake

Release Date: November 7, 2009

Duration: 119 min.

Rating: 6.9/10 · IMDb

Plot: Rio (Nozomi Sasaki), a 17-year-old institution senior, is often the hub of concentration due to her charm. On the opposite hand, Rio has never cared about anyone but herself due lớn her horrific past. Her boyfriends & pals exist solely lớn serve her interests. Rio is exclusively concerned with making money.

Then she meets Kouki, a 35-year-old institute educator, và occurs in admiration for the japanese romantic prime time. Rio is perplexed by her emotional shift & openly proclaims her passion for Kouki. Although Kouki develops feelings for Rio, there is a reason why he is unable to lớn pursue the connection.


Why: It was a fantastic Japanese romance movies. Quite engaging. I cared about the characters và was intrigued by the plot till the very end. A connection between a 17-year-old girl và a 35 aged gentleman is unfamiliar, & it can go wrong if not depicted right. This, on the opposite cards, has to lớn be individual of the most fabulous student-teacher interactions I’ve ever witnessed. They had a hell of pleasure together, và nothing felt forced or ridiculous. Their affection struck a chord with me. The Japanese romance shift in the characters, who had both lost interest in life, was the feature that struck me the most (in a different way and for various reasons),

9- Let Me Eat Your Pancreas

Directed By: Sho Tsukikawa

Release Date: July 28, 2017

Duration: 115 min.

Rating: 7/10 IMDb

Plot: I’m a student named Takumi Kitamura. I come across a diary written by my classmate Sakura Yamauchi (Minami Hamabe) that discloses she has pancreatic cancer. Sakura was someone I spent time with, but she died.

Later on, by this Japanese romance movies Shun now a high academy professor at the equal academy where I graduated 12 years later, thanks to lớn Sakura’s comments. While speaking with my student, I recall spending several months with Sakura. Meanwhile, Sakura’s friend Kyoko (Keiko Kitagawa) is getting married soon. Kyoko also remembers her days with Sakura và me.


Why: In terms of message, theme, & feeling, this is a lovely romantic Japanese movie. You know what’s going to happen throughout the movie, but it doesn’t make you feel any better about it. The boy remains silent for the majority of the film, which is a wise direction choice since it allows you lớn become more engaged in the story; his thoughts and feelings become your thoughts & feelings, presenting you emotionally endowed in the best Japanese romance movie. Don’t be deceived by the headline; this is an exceptional passionate tearjerker that will have you leading for tissues for quite some time.

8- The Liar và His Lover

Directed By: Kim Jin-Min

Release Date: March đôi mươi – May 9, 2017

Duration: Episodes: 16

Rating: 6.9/10 IMDb

Plot: An japan love movies regarding Kang, a melancholy intelligence music arranger, meets Yoon So-rim (Joy), a talented singer và student, while hiding his identity. So-rim brings Han back lớn her time and time again with her brave honesty & exquisite singing. As So-rim begins her career in the music industry và begins to lớn uncover Han-lies, gyul’s the two face challenges. Kang Han-Kyeol (Lee Hyun-Woo) is a fantastic composer who is moved by other people’s voices. However, he keeps his true identity hidden from others. Finally, Yoon So-Rim meets Kang Han. He occurs in affection with her, a female high school student with a fantastic voice.


Why: What a lovely best Japanese lãng mạn movies! It was a lot of fun. This drama is well worth your time. Music và love are intertwined in this story. Yoon soori mi, an academy learner who wants to lớn be a singer, has formed a band with two classmates. She occurs in admiration with a producer-K at first sight, or as we lượt thích to say, love at the first song, and thus begins the beautiful adventure of love. There are so many lovely moments in this play, such as when the producer recognizes the trio band after young signs it lớn Japan movie romance. Yes, of course, the umbrella moment, when producer-K provides the umbrella to lớn Soo Rimi, và their third meet happens by chance, despite Soo Rimi’s knowledge.

7- My Girlfriend Is a Cyborg

Directed By: Kwak Jae-Young

Release Date: May 31, 2008

Duration: 120 min.

Rating: 6.9/10 IMDb

Plot: The date is November 22nd, 2007. Jiro Kitamura is celebrating his twentieth birthday by himself. He attracts a ‘nice girl’ while shopping for a birthday present for himself in a shopping center, and she surprises smiles at him. After that Japanese movie romance, she successfully steals a pair of garments, which Jiro notices but ignores since her attractiveness attracts him as she walks away in front of him. The mystery female, who appears khổng lồ be occupied in him, accompanies him lớn an eatery.


Why: An intriguing sci-fi, drama, action, comedy picture and Japan movies romance. Both Haruka Ayase & Keisuke Koide deliver excellent performances. The story was well-paced and written. The CGI is shockingly good, và even films from the late 2000s don’t appear false or antiquated. Overall, a fantastic movie with a satisfying conclusion. I’m gazing onward to the second chapter. We don’t know. Indeed, though both have the equivalent thought, they are two different figures of these Japanese movies romantic. I anticipated until the doom of my time for a Cyborg She Part