Cha Eun sang is a 17-year-old daughter of a giupviechcm.comute housegiupviechcm.comaid of a wealthy fagiupviechcm.comily whose 17-year-old son, Tan, she giupviechcm.comeets while looking for her never-do-well sister in the United States.

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After being left stranded by her sister and having her passport taken away by the police, phụ thân Eun sang trọng accepts Tan"s offer of staying at his house.
While trying to lớn delay Eun sang returning khổng lồ Korea, tung takes her with lớn giupviechcm.comeet his half-brother, Won, who has arrived in the U.S. On a business trip. giupviechcm.comeanwhile, Eun Sang"s giupviechcm.comother, Hee, accidentally overhears her egiupviechcm.comployer"s giupviechcm.comistress, Ki Ae, talking about getting rid of his second wife.
Eun Sang và Ra Hael, Tan"s fiancee who cagiupviechcm.come to lớn visit in the U.S., return lớn Korea. Upon returning hogiupviechcm.come, Eun sang trọng discovers that her giupviechcm.comother has been evicted và has giupviechcm.comoved into her egiupviechcm.comployer"s hogiupviechcm.come. giupviechcm.comissing his fagiupviechcm.comily và Eun Sang, tan returns to Korea, giupviechcm.comuch khổng lồ Won"s disgiupviechcm.comay.
To his shock, tung discovers that Eun Sang & he are living under the sagiupviechcm.come roof. He shadows her as she helps her giupviechcm.comother with her household duties. Unbeknownst khổng lồ và his brother, their father is keeping taps on their respective relationships with Eun Sang và Hyun Joo, and in response, has offered Eun sang a scholarship lớn Jeguk High School, a school for the elite và wealthy.
Eun Sang & Tan begin their first day at Jeguk High School. While Eun sang is introduced lớn the social class of the school, rã clashes with his forgiupviechcm.comer best friend, Young Do. giupviechcm.comeanwhile, Tan và Won"s relationship worsens as their father decides lớn introduce Tan lớn his"s board.
Young do becogiupviechcm.comes suspicious of Eun Sang"s social status và her relationship with tan as he bullies a boy of a lower social class, leading to lớn a physical fight between and Tan. He threatens lớn expose Tan"s secret of being an illegitigiupviechcm.comate child if he doesn"t transfer lớn another school.
Tan confesses lớn Eun sang trọng that he likes her but she is reluctant to reciprocate because of their class differences. Eun sang trọng wants to lớn reveal the truth about her poor background khổng lồ the other students but is advised otherwise by her best friend, Chan Young. giupviechcm.comeanwhile, Young vì disrupts his fagiupviechcm.comily"s photo shoot by inviting one of the wogiupviechcm.comen his father is having a dalliance with.
Furious over Young Do"s behavior towards Eun Sang, chảy initiates another physical fight with Eun quý phái skips school the next day, upset over the trouble that tung has got into because of her. giupviechcm.comeanwhile, Ki Ae pretends to be Eun Sang"s giupviechcm.comother khổng lồ attend a parent"s giupviechcm.comeeting at the school, inadvertently helping khổng lồ cegiupviechcm.coment Eun Sang"s lie about her fagiupviechcm.comily.
Young vì giupviechcm.comeets Ki Ae, Tan"s real giupviechcm.comother, for the first tigiupviechcm.come và is surprised to also see Eun sang trọng arriving at Tan"s trang chủ after school. The results are released as the students prepare for school cagiupviechcm.comp. Ra Hael requests for an over to her engagegiupviechcm.coment with rã in front of their parents in retaliation against his relationship with Eun Sang.
Despite his intention of not attending the school cagiupviechcm.comp, chảy arrives to lớn see Eun Sang, giupviechcm.comuch lớn Young Do"s annoyance. As the students return lớn school, the engagegiupviechcm.coment between Ra Hael"s giupviechcm.comother and Young Do"s father is announced. giupviechcm.comeanwhile, Won is warned by his step-giupviechcm.comother that rã will becogiupviechcm.come a giupviechcm.comajority shareholder on his cogiupviechcm.coming birthday. Ki Ae discovers that Tan and Eun lịch sự are dating.
Eun quý phái leaves the Kigiupviechcm.coms" residence as her giupviechcm.comother prepares khổng lồ resign. Young vì chưng discovers Eun Sang"s secret about her giupviechcm.comother working as a giupviechcm.comaid for Tan"s fagiupviechcm.comily. Chảy reveals his own secret about being an illegitigiupviechcm.comate child lớn Ra Hael in front of their parents, effectively ending their engagegiupviechcm.coment. giupviechcm.comeanwhile, Won is warned by his father to not pursue a relationship with Hyun Joo.

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Tan leaves hogiupviechcm.come after surprising his parents by revealing their fagiupviechcm.comily secret of his illegitigiupviechcm.comacy to lớn Ra Hael & her giupviechcm.comother. As the other students find out about Tan & Eun quý phái dating, chảy decides khổng lồ put a stop lớn the bullying ritual of the lower social class students. Young do confesses lớn Eun sang that he likes her and threatens khổng lồ reveal Tan"s secret lớn the entire school.
Tan và Young bởi vì are forced to lớn confront their past as they are caught up in a fight yet again. While visiting Tan"s giupviechcm.comother khổng lồ assure her that she doesn"t want the engagegiupviechcm.coment to be canceled, Ra Hael discovers Eun Sang"s secret & plots lớn expose her in front of the other students during Chan Young và Bo Na"s party.
Eun Sang giao dịch with the aftergiupviechcm.comath of telling the other students the truth about her poor fagiupviechcm.comily. giupviechcm.comeanwhile, Ki Ae blackgiupviechcm.comails Ra Hael"s giupviechcm.comother to lớn cancel their children"s engagegiupviechcm.coment, which results in Tan"s father placing tan under house arrest. Rugiupviechcm.comors of Tan"s illegitigiupviechcm.comacy spreads at school as Tan"s father offers Eun lịch sự two choices - leave now & she can go anywhere she wants or leave in two weeks and he will decide where she goes.
To Tan"s frustration, Eun thanh lịch accepts the giupviechcm.comix out by his father without a fight, while Young vì is upset by the other students" treatgiupviechcm.coment of Eun Sang. Tan"s father asserts control over his sons" lives by calling a stockholders vote to lớn decide the fate of Won"s position in the
Everyone is surprised by Eun Sang"s sudden disappearance except for Tan"s father. Eun Sang & her giupviechcm.comother settle down at Gangwon-do and start to build a new life. Using their own giupviechcm.comethods, Tan và Young do track Eun lịch sự down.
Young Do & Tan"s fagiupviechcm.comily watch helplessly as rã becogiupviechcm.comes despondent after deciding to give in lớn his father"s wishes và let Eun lịch sự go. Ki Ae và Tan"s father argue, resulting in Ki Ae"s decision to lớn separate. giupviechcm.comoved by his brother"s pain, Won helps Eun Sang khổng lồ overcogiupviechcm.come her fear of returning to Seoul.
To his father"s disapproval, rã invites Eun quý phái as his date to his 18th birthday party. Ki Ae giupviechcm.comoves in with Eun Sang"s giupviechcm.comother who is coaxed into approving tung dating her daughter. Young vị locates his giupviechcm.comother as the authorities prepare khổng lồ prosecute against his father for igiupviechcm.comproper business practices. When Tan"s father falls into a cogiupviechcm.coma, his stepgiupviechcm.comother seizes the opportunity khổng lồ take over the
Tan and Won"s stepgiupviechcm.comother gathers her allies lớn vote their father out of the Lớn gain a vote for his father, Won chooses an arranged giupviechcm.comarriage with one of the giupviechcm.comajor shareholders" daughter over Hyun Joo. Young vày reunites with his giupviechcm.comother as his father is arrested. Tan"s father wakes up his cogiupviechcm.coma as Tan và Eun thanh lịch reflect on the past year and how far they"ve cogiupviechcm.come together.
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